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Take advantage of Remax Mia's broad portfolio, experienced team and industry leadership right away.

Songül Toprak Özsan

Broker / Owner

She brought her 20 years of success as Akmerkez Arçelik dealership and 25 years of experience in construction industry together with Remax, the number one real estate company in the world and Turkey and established Remax Mia in August 3 RD , 2016.
As Remax Mia's family, we strive to provide the highest quality service and are moving confidently to reach your goals.

My goal is to be able to guide everyone in finding the comfort that they are looking for and to show the right way to make real estate investments in a safe way ...

Füsun Erdinç

Office Manager

She comes from a family that unites Balkans (Thessaloniki) with Anatolian lands (Adana). Following the one year language training in the UK, she worked as the Christian Dior representative for 8 years are Ataturk Airport (Duty Free Shop). She had a break to her business life for 5 years when her son was born in 1999. She worked in the sales and marketing department of a big construction company for 11 years - on a project basis. As of May 17, she joined a "Remax Family" with a quality office.

My perfectionism and embracing of any business as if it's my own prove that I shall establish a coherent and functional cooperation with Remax.

Bülent Toprak

Real estate agent

After studying International Trade Administration in Turkey for 2 years, he completed his study at New York University and worked at managerial positions in international companies after he returned Turkey. He decided to merge his work experience with RE/MAX, which has the highest brand recognition rate around the world
He chose Remax Mia offering quality service in domestic and international investment consultancy for luxury housing, A+ office, keeping the customer satisfaction at the highest level and which he felt close to him.

Real estate marketing requires professionalism ... I'm here to help you to get results in a short time with trust and correct marketing planning.

Gülay Özmen Üstündağ

Real estate agent

She was graduated from the Department of Mathematics in Science Faculty at Istanbul University. She started her career in medical industry in 1990. She was promoted to Sales and Marketing Assistant Manager in a short time. After 4 years of experience in the medical sector, she founded her own company in 1994. Vital Medical has become a brand that announces its name in the sector over the years. With her retirement in 2008, she left Vital Medikal and quit her career. In January 2017, she joined the Remax family upon the proposal of dear friend, Broker and business partner of Songul Toprak Özsan.

I am also in our Remax Mia office where we had a pleasant journey in the real estate sector!

Suna Demir

Real Estate Agent

She worked at procurement and logistics departments in her career between 1996 and 2006. She established her own business in 2007 and operated a store in textile industry.
She visited China for supplying products and thus she entered whole sales sector. Upon the commencement of the Urban Transformation in 2015, she recognized her interest in construction sector and moved to Real Estate sector considering her experiences gained in her business life and her impact circle. Achieving success in a short time encouraged her to do this business more professionally and she decided to be a real estate agent professionally under REMAX, the leader of the sector.

My objective is to make my clients happy by getting quality and smooth results in a short time.