About Us

Real estate is the safest instrument that brings to its investors the most income anywhere in the world...The borders have disappeared today. The world is our home. Just like us purchasing any house we like anywhere around the world, an English or American citizen can acquire a housing in the place where he/she would like to live in Turkey.

Remax Miami holds the most luxurious residences from different points of Turkey, the most exclusive projects in London where is one of the biggest attractions of the world anytime and the most exquisite projects of Miami considered as the most profitable investment opportunity of near future in its portfolio. In addition, it continues to add the most exclusive projects of different countries.

We are as close as a phone. With its expert staff, Remax Mia will always be with you and will continue to grow with you, with its numerous portfolio both at home and abroad. Thank you for being with us.

Sincerely yours
Songül Toprak Özsan

Our Vision

To provide all our customers, clients and followers with accurate information and reliable service...

Our Mission

We believe that everyone's the right to invest securely. Therefore we strive for ensuring that more clients can access to our service which we give based on the "Safe progression" principle and growing network of our real estate office as Remax Mia.